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"THEOS has a well-earned reputation of over 20 years of success developing a stable, low cost, virus-proof operating system with hundreds of mission critical applications used by millions of end users worldwide."

THEOS Software Corporation develops and markets business software solutions using the latest Intel-based PCs. THEOS operating system offers a robust development environment for small to mid-sized businesses as well as corporate and government institutions. THEOS applications are virtually impervious to viruses, worms and hacker attacks, producing secure, low cost, reliable solutions. THEOS Developers have been very loyal to THEOS for more than 20 and these Value Added Resellers serve many diverse industries such as:

  • Security: access control, biometrics, central station monitoring and other security related products
  • Medical: physician practice management, hospital and veterinarian software
  • Vertical Applications: retail and POS, warehousing, HVAC, scheduling and dispatching, agriculture, fabrication, and printing

THEOS also has an international base of developers and distributors using the THEOS Operating System. European Distributors are licensing THEOS to hundreds of developers in six countries. These international sales, along with direct licensing to VARs in the Asia/Pacific territory, account for almost 50% of THEOS' business. Currently THEOS is expanding into rapid growth global markets such as China and Latin America.

For more than twenty years, THEOS Software has been a pioneer in designing multi-user, multitasking operating systems, which allow several users to simultaneously share a single PC via ASCII terminals or PC workstations. In fact, the THEOS operating system can support more than 200 users on one PC at the same time. THEOS newest O/S, Corona, is GUI based for a full Windows-like look and feel as well as running legacy applications developed on earlier platforms.

With THEOS Corona and prior versions of the O/S, users can also take advantage of network connectivity mixing clients and servers in an environment of terminals and Windows-based graphical workstations. THEOS networks can support more than 200 network clients simultaneously via a single Ethernet link or can securely connect multiple locations over the Internet, including encrypted transactions and credit card processing.

For years, developers have used THEOS Multi-User BASIC and THEOS C programming languages to write literally thousands of business software applications for niche vertical markets ranging from agriculture to veterinary care. With Corona and prior releases of the O/S, these THEOS-based applications can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft platforms, such as Windows 95/98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP.

Diverse small to medium-sized businesses, from parking structures to retail point-of-sale shops, rely on THEOS systems for their productivity and cost efficiency. Larger clients, such as hospitals and major auto manufacturers, also depend on THEOS systems and the many THEOS-based software applications tailored to their operations, including on-line transaction processing. The THEOS operating system is multilingual. Versions are available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. THEOS operating systems and other add-on THEOS products are licensed to VARs through an economical Software Developer Kit program and sublicensed by VARs to end-users throughout the world.

THEOS Software is a privately held company, located in Walnut Creek, California. THEOS was founded by Timothy Williams, who is Chairman of the Board and CTO of THEOS. Tim Williams, is considered to be one of the foremost experts in operating systems, having created the operating system with its tools and compilers more than 30 years ago, and is constantly improving the high quality, multi-user technology it has today. Robert Fritz, President and CEO, has been a CEO, interim CEO, director or advisory board member of some 30 companies in his career. He has extensive experience in starting and turning around firms, and in financing and selling companies as an investment banker. Dennis Holligan, CPA, MBA, is the EVP & COO of THEOS Software, with extensive software experience, and broad administrative leadership in software companies.

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